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Podcast vs. YouTube Channel: How to Choose

1 May 24

Podcast vs. YouTube Channel: How to Choose

Alyciah Beavers

Alyciah Beavers


Deciding between a Podcast and YouTube Channel? Explore the differences, benefits, and make an informed choice for your content strategy.

So you're ready to start creating content online. But there's one problem. You're torn between starting a podcast or a YouTube channel. While some people keep telling you to start a podcast because of your silky voice, others feel you should start a YouTube channel because of your larger-than-life personality.

So now you're in a bit of a pickle. Should you start a podcast or YouTube channel? In this guide, we'll explore both mediums in detail and weigh the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is best for your needs.

An Overview of Podcasts

Podcasts are like radio shows for the digital age — minus the hassle of tuning in at a specific time like many baby boomers used to. They're audio content, offered on-demand, allowing listeners to feast their ears whenever and wherever they please.

While podcasts weren't quite popular in their early years, they've exploded with the proliferation of podcasts and listeners in recent years. In fact, nowadays, it seems like just about everyone is starting a podcast. Heck, perform a random Google search for ''why is everyone starting a podcast,'' and you'll get a gazillion results.

So, why is everyone starting a podcast, and should you also jump on the bandwagon? Next, we'll explore the pros and cons of podcasting to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Starting a Podcast

Here are some of the benefits of podcasts:

Ease of Consumption

Whether commuting, jogging, or simply lounging on the couch, podcasts allow listeners to listen to content at their convenience.

Relatively Easy to Produce

Podcast content is easier to produce than YouTube videos. Sure, podcast production might take some time, but you won't require much equipment. All you'll need is a quality microphone and recording equipment. And if you want to start your podcast on a budget, you could even use a video conferencing tool or a mobile podcast app to record audio.

You won't require any videography or video editing skills. This makes the barrier to entry for podcasts lower compared to starting a YouTube channel.

Ideal for Fostering Intimate Connections

Podcasts offer an almost unparalleled level of intimacy compared to other mediums. You can forge a close bond with your listeners and make them feel like they're part of an exclusive club — one that shares each other's joy, sorrow, and everything in between.

Podcasts can allow you to form a more intimate connection with your listeners because they take on a more non-formulaic conversational approach compared to YouTube videos, which are typically scripted.

Easier to Repurpose Content

Short on content ideas? Then you might want to start a podcast. Why? It's pretty easy to turn other existing forms of content into podcasts. For example, you could easily turn one of your most popular blog posts into a podcast. Simply note down the key points from the blog post and repurpose them for your podcast.

Cons of Starting a Podcast

Despite their pros, podcasts aren't perfect. Here are some of their drawbacks:

Limited Visual Engagement

We hate to break it to you, but podcasts won't win you any awards in the visual department. Sure, they'll let you engage listeners with your charming voice and compelling storytelling skills, but you won't get any eye-popping visuals.

Potential Difficulties in Growing an Audience

Here's another bitter truth: Building an audience takes time, like planting seeds, watering them, and waiting for them to sprout. You'll need to cultivate an audience over time. So, don't expect thousands of downloads after uploading your first podcast episode. But don't despair if you don't see great metrics early on. With time, effort, and an effective marketing strategy, your tribe will eventually find you.

An Overview of YouTube Channels

If you want to create content that requires showcasing tangible products or creating demos, you might want to start a YouTube channel. YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular online video platform, with over 2 billion active users. And best of all? YouTube viewers can watch content on-demand at their convenience.

So, should you start a YouTube channel rather than a podcast? Next, we'll explore the pros and cons of starting a YouTube channel.

Pros of Starting a YouTube Channel

Here are some of the benefits of YouTube channels:

Visual Appeal

A YouTube channel allows you to paint vivid stories with video. If you want to share captivating visuals or create explainer videos about a product or service you offer, YouTube is perfect.

Wider Potential for Audience Reach

If you want to reach a large audience, YouTube has your back. With over two billion active users globally, YouTube opens doors to massive audiences. From local enthusiasts to global admirers, YouTube offers a large community of viewers hungry for your content.

Great for SEO

YouTube videos appear on Google search results, so you can use them as part of your SEO strategy. If you create stellar videos and optimize them for search engines, the Google algorithm will help you reach a wider audience.

Ideal for Short-Form Content

Want to create snappy content? Then you might want to start a YouTube channel. Unlike podcasts tailored more towards long-form content, YouTube is a great platform for short-form content creation.

On YouTube, you can create YouTube Shorts — videos up to 60 seconds in length. You can also use a variety of tools and resources to create and promote your short-form content.

Cons of Starting a YouTube Channel

While YouTube channels offer numerous benefits, they also have some drawbacks. Here are some of the downsides of YouTube:

Requires Time and Effort

Here's a hard truth — while YouTube might offer the glitz and glam, you won't become the next MrBeast overnight. It takes time and dedication to create content that stands out. But if you're willing to slug it out, you might just become the next YouTube star.


It's costlier to start a YouTube channel compared to a podcast. While you'll only require a quality podcast microphone and audio recording equipment to start a podcast, you'll also require a quality camera to start creating content on YouTube.

Unpredictable Algorithm

The YouTube algorithm can sometimes feel like the weather. One minute it's clear, sunny skies; the next, there's a downpour. It's wildly unpredictable, so you won't always know how your videos will be promoted.

Fierce Competition

While YouTube has billions of viewers hungry for content, numerous content creators compete for their eyeballs. So unless you already have a huge following on other platforms or want to create outrageous content, you might find it difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Demanding on Viewers

Unlike podcasts, audiences on YouTube can't watch videos passively while performing tasks like driving. They must concentrate on the content, which makes video content more demanding on viewers.

Podcast vs. YouTube Channel: Factors to Consider When Determining Which One to Start

Now that we've looked at podcasts and YouTube channels in detail, let's explore the key factors to consider when determining which medium to choose:

Determine Your Content Niche

Whether you're a master storyteller, finance expert, or comedian, finding your content niche is crucial. Podcasts often thrive on captivating audio narratives and in-depth discussions, making them ideal for topics that rely on auditory storytelling.

On the other hand, YouTube channels shine when it comes to visuals, making them perfect for DIY tutorials, product demos, and travel vlogs.

Understand Your Target Audience

Podcasts appeal to people who enjoy on-the-go entertainment and immersive experiences while multitasking. On the other hand, YouTube videos attract viewers who enjoy consuming video content and watching hosts with lively personas.

Analyze Your Budget

Podcasts are generally cheaper to start as they have fewer equipment requirements. On the other hand, YouTube requires a bit more — cameras, lighting, audio equipment, and video editing software can come at a hefty cost. But don't fret. With some improvisation, you could still start a YouTube channel without breaking the bank.

Consider Your Preference

Are you a compelling storyteller with a silky voice or a natural on camera? If you're a wordsmith and enjoy being heard, then a podcast might be a good fit for you. But a YouTube channel might be a better option if you're a natural on camera and enjoy creating visual content.

Monetization Opportunities

You certainly want to turn your dream into a fat paycheck, right? While both podcasts and YouTube channels offer monetization opportunities, the monetization options differ.

With a podcast, you can make money through sponsorships, ads, and listener support. Conversely, with YouTube, you can earn money through the ways above and the YouTube Partner Program.

Verdict: Should You Start a Podcast or YouTube Channel

Should you start a podcast or YouTube channel? Well, there's no one-size-fits-all platform. Ultimately, the right platform for you will depend on your niche, target audience, preference, and skills.

But if you're undecided between the two platforms, don't hesitate to try out both to see which one you enjoy more. While you might have thought you're a natural on camera, you might discover you captivate audiences with your storytelling prowess.

So what are you waiting for? Want to captivate listeners with professionally edited podcasts and videos? Then try us out and get your professional video or audio in under 24 hours.

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