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8 Best Military Podcasts in 2023 | NextDayPodcast

1 May 24

8 Best Military Podcasts in 2023 | NextDayPodcast

Alyciah Beavers

Alyciah Beavers


Unearth captivating defense insights in 2023 with our curated list of the best military podcasts. Immerse yourself in gripping stories and expert analysis.

In the modern digital age, podcasts have become an increasingly popular and accessible medium for sharing information, insights, and entertainment. Military podcasts, in particular, offer listeners a unique window into the world of armed forces, strategy, history, and personal stories, making them some of the best podcasts ever!

Suppose you are a veteran, a history buff, an active duty officer, or keen on military strategies and frontline human stories. In that case, there are many military podcasts to choose from in 2023. These outstanding military podcasts cater to diverse defense, security, and armed services interests.

This article will give you a comprehensive overview of some of the best military podcasts to listen to in 2023, highlighting their unique features and contributions to the field.

1. Angry Planet

Angry Planet

If you’re searching for a podcast about the nitty-gritty aspects of military strategies, history, and global wars, this is the place to be! The podcast, previously known as War College, hosted by experienced military personnel Jason Fields and Matthew Gault, covers stories of Special Forces worldwide. The hosts also discuss the fast-growing pace of technological advancement in the military world and how this will affect the warfare of different nations.

Key Features

  • It offers regular interviews with military historians, strategists, veterans, and scholars to provide in-depth insights into historical and contemporary military topics.
  • Each episode explores historical battles, campaigns, and military leaders, analyzing their strategies, tactics, and impacts on world history.
  • There are discussions about recent and ongoing conflicts, geopolitical developments, and global security issues, offering informed perspectives and analysis.
  • There is a chance to explore weaponry and technology advancements in military technology, from ancient weapons to modern drones and cyber warfare, and their effects on military operations.
  • The podcast discusses thought-provoking discussions about the ethical and moral dilemmas faced by soldiers and leaders in times of war, shedding light on the human side of military decisions.

Listen to Angry Planet on Spotify

2. Jocko Podcast

Jocko Podcast image

Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink hosts it. The Podcast focuses on discipline, leadership, and personal development. While not exclusively a military podcast, it draws heavily from Jocko's military experience to offer valuable insights into overcoming challenges, building resilience, and fostering a winning mindset. With its motivational content, this podcast inspires military personnel and civilians seeking to improve their lives.

Most people know this show for blending leadership with personal discipline and military history. Therefore, this provides listeners with many subjects to listen to through the lens of the military. Each episode is exciting and provides insight into the military world since the host brings notable military figures with life-changing advice for the listeners.

Key Features

  • The central themes of the podcast are leadership and discipline principles, and it insists on the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions.
  • Jocko discusses tactical lessons, teamwork, and the challenges faced in combat. Such stories provide insights into military history and the mindset required in high-stress environments.
  • It provides the listeners several book reviews and recommendations on leadership, history, psychology, and self-improvement.
  • While a significant portion of the podcast features Jocko discussing various topics alone or with his co-host, Echo Charles, he also invites guests to the show. These guests include military veterans, authors, experts in multiple fields, and individuals who have overcome challenges.
  • Jocko emphasizes having the right mindset and mental toughness to overcome adversity, stay focused under pressure, and push through challenges.
  • The podcast's presentation is minimalist, with episodes usually featuring Jocko's voice and occasional audio clips.

Listen to the Jocko Podcast on Spotify

3. The Dead Prussian Podcast

This podcast takes its name from Carl von Clausewitz, a Prussian officer involved in the Napoleonic Wars, and focuses on different concepts of warfare and strategies. Hosted by Mick Cook, The Dead Prussian Podcast explores military theory, history, and strategy through interviews with leading experts and thinkers. Through discussions of the intellectual aspects of warfare, the podcast encourages listeners to consider the deeper dimensions of conflict beyond the battlefield.

Key Features

  • It offers theoretical exploration engaging with classic and contemporary strategic theories, discussing how these concepts have shaped historical events.
  • The podcast draws inspiration from the Prussian military tradition, particularly the works and philosophy of Carl von Clausewitz, a prominent military theorist.
  • The show encourages critical analysis and thoughtful reflection on various strategic topics, aiming to develop listeners' abilities to think strategically and make informed decisions.
  • The podcast provides a contemporary relevance through the discussions framed in ways that highlight the relevance of historical lessons to present-day strategic challenges nations face.

4. The Spear

It is a podcast show produced by the Modern War Institute at West Point. The Spear podcast focuses on the experiences of modern combat veterans and is hosted by Joe Byerly. It features candid conversations with soldiers who have served in various conflicts. These individuals share their personal stories, insights, and reflections on the platform for listeners to better understand some of the challenges and realities faced by those in uniform.


  • It provides an insight into each person’s story in the military world, offering a personal journey of how this journey affects each military person.
  • It explores the combat experience to the listeners, such as weapon firing and dealing with explosive devices.
  • It covers detailed topics on practical issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

5. Irregular Warfare Podcast

It is another gem you cannot fail to listen to from the Modern War Institute platform. The show focuses on gray zone conflict, including special operations, terrorism, and insurgency. The hosts, Kyle Atwell and Nick Lopez, concentrate on the complexities of irregular warfare, featuring experts in the field to provide their topic analysis.

Key Features

  • It offers its listeners a diverse perspective from experts, practitioners, academics, and policymakers from various fields, such as military intelligence, thus providing a well-rounded understanding of the topic.
  • The show updates ongoing conflicts and irregular warfare incidents to inform listeners about recent developments and their implications.
  • There is audience interaction that integrates listeners through questions, feedback, and suggestions into episodes, fostering a sense of community and engagement among the podcast's audience.
  • It presents real-life stories and experiences of individuals involved in irregular warfare scenarios, which can create a more immersive and captivating listening experience.
  • The podcast offers a multi-format content style ranging from panel discussions to interviews, thus exploring different angles of irregular warfare.

6. The Principles of War

A group of Australian Army officers runs the show. The Principles of War podcast dissects military campaigns, battles, and operations from a historical and strategic perspective. Each episode explores critical principles and concepts that underpin successful military endeavors. It is a great source of information for anyone interested in learning from historical case studies and applying military wisdom to other domains.

Key Features

  • The listeners get a 30-minute digestible content on fundamental concepts of warfare.
  • You get a chance to listen to a wide range of content, from logistics in the military to the art of command and Center of Gravity (COG) analysis.

7. Women in the Military

Amanda Huffman is an Air Force veteran and the current host of this show. It is one of the best military podcasts for women, focusing on the unique experience of being a woman in the United States military. Amanda mostly interviews active-duty women who offer insights from a woman’s perspective in war and this industry. The host also shares some of her military experiences, making it relatable to women who sometimes feel lost on the battlefield.

Key Features

  • It focuses on inspiring Journeys of women who have broken barriers, shattered stereotypes, and excelled in their military careers, becoming role models for others.
  • Occasionally, the podcast gets into the history of women's involvement in the military, highlighting key moments, achievements, and contributions that have paved the way for the present generation.
  • The podcast would openly discuss women's military challenges, including gender bias, harassment, and work-life balance.
  • It highlights the unique bonds formed among women in the military. Some episodes share stories of friendship, teamwork, and the camaraderie that helps them navigate their challenges.
  • Some episodes focus on the experiences of women transitioning from military service to civilian life, addressing the adjustments, opportunities, and support available during this phase.
  • The podcast sometimes includes segments that provide educational content about military terminology, procedures, and the roles of different branches. It makes it accessible to both military members and civilian listeners.
  • It offers empathy, respect, and admiration for women's dedication and sacrifices while serving in the military.

8. Sisters-in-Service

This platform would work well for you if you’re a military woman who feels unseen and unheard. There is no need to struggle to find your purpose after service. This podcast will keep you going, especially after hearing stories similar to yours. Many military women share their stories, giving you a platform to adjust to life after the military. Every Tuesday, a new episode encourages all the women to stand up, speak, and let people hear their voices.

Key Features

  • It features all veterans, military brats, spouses, veterans, and voluntary services overseas (VSOs), specifically women, to talk about their experiences.
  • It offers women a space to speak about their military experiences and offer hope to those still in service.


In 2023, military podcasts offer diverse options for listeners interested in defense, strategy, history, and personal experiences. Whether you are a military professional, a history enthusiast, or someone seeking unique development insights, these podcasts provide valuable content that sheds light on various facets of the military world. From in-depth discussions on strategy to personal stories of veterans, these podcasts contribute to a richer and more nuanced understanding of the role of armed forces in our ever-evolving global landscape. Check out more here to expand your military knowledge.

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