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14 Thought-Provoking Conspiracy Theory Podcasts

1 May 24

14 Thought-Provoking Conspiracy Theory Podcasts

Alyciah Beavers

Alyciah Beavers


Uncover mind-boggling secrets with our conspiracy theory podcasts picks! Join the adventure, explore intriguing theories, and fuel your curiosity today.

We have been talking about misinformation, fake news, and conspiracy theories going viral online for a while. Podcasts serve as a double-edged sword for handling such issues on the web of some of the lies we all find ourselves trapped in occasionally. It does not matter if you’re a conspiracy theorist fan or not since there is a small aspect of you gets intrigued when you hear some of those stories. The hardened skeptics rubbish them off, whereas the fans often fall into the rabbit hole while searching for the truth.

What’s the truth? Do you remember the PizzaGate scandal? Was it real or fake? We often find ourselves trying to figure out these questions, and sometimes, the search for answers pushes us into uncovering more conspiracies. To assist you in debunking one of these conspiracy theories, we’ve gathered some of the best conspiracy theory podcasts that will break down everything for you into what is happening behind the scenes.

What Does A Conspiracy Theory Podcast Entail?

It is a show that discusses theories that any scientist has not proved, and there is no circumstantial evidence to prove that they are true. These podcasts cover many common and controversial topics, such as UFOs, artificial intelligence, aliens, and more.

In other instances, the conspiracy podcast has nothing to prove or discuss but to ask their listeners to imagine a scenario where certain aspects existed. There are also other places where people discuss their personal experiences.

What Else Can You Find In These Podcasts?

Surprisingly, there are many things that you can find, including:

  • Advertisements: 6ou will hear a couple of advertisements while listening to your favorite podcast, and you never know what products you might come across on these platforms.
  • Recommendations: There will be a lot of recommendations on literature and finding out about some of the experts who might provide more information on different conspiracy theories.
  • Guest speakers: It is among the best ways to provide different information and knowledge on conspiracy stories.

Different Types of Conspiracy Theories

Different types of podcasts are active on the internet. These include:

  • Bible conspiracy theory: The podcasts constantly analyze biblical prophecies and how these relate to modern society.
  • Conspiracy theory: These podcasts will discuss anything conspiracy-related. Such podcasts offer different anecdotes that they present to the audience. Here, most hosts ask their audience what their opinions and thoughts are.

Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Question Everything

1. You Are Wrong About

Operated by two journalists, Sarah and Mike, this podcast focuses on a lot, including anti-vax theories, child and human traffic conspiracy theories. The podcast discusses aspects of life from people’s history, explaining some of the misunderstood historical events.

2. Lizard People

It is a conspiracy podcast that approaches these theories from a comic perspective. It asks the audience to think outside the box when discussing podcasts such as octopuses, aliens, etc. The podcast does not support believing these theories but asks the listeners what they would think if such theories were true.

3. Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know

Here, the hosts shed light on different research and analyses of world conspiracy theories. The creators and hosts engage their listeners with stories about government secrets, unexplained events, and paranormal phenomena, debunking them from facts and myths. Since the show has been running since 2013, the creators have gained many listeners dying to know some things they shouldn’t. Here, you learn about UFOs, government conspiracies, and psychic theories.

4. Lights out Podcast

I know what you think when you hear this podcast's name. Motor racing is like Formula One's tagline! But no, this podcast talks mainly about UFO sightings, with some episodes focusing on Bigfoot and Yeti. There are other instances where the hosts talk about true crime stories and dive into the occult and demonic possession events that might disturb many users.

5. Knowledge Fight

It is a podcast dedicated to critiquing and analyzing Alex Jones’s Infowars show. The hosts go deep into some of the darkest content, making it funny and interesting for the listeners. It is the ideal place to learn about conspiracy theories and a source of some of the craziest and wildest theories in America.

6. QAnon Anonymous

The group has been creeping onto the mainstream media for a while now, attracting a lot of followers, including members of Congress. These individuals believe in the deep state theories that a huge group of celebrities and influential people are involved in sex and child trafficking and also people practicing cannibalism. Your QAnon respondents take time to explain the different key elements of the conspiracy theories, such as the Great Awakening and any other drop of conspiracy theories in between.

7. Generation Why

It seeks to answer the answer to why in every conspiracy theory. The podcast has existed since 2012, with hosts covering crime stories, conspiracies, and other mysteries that no one else has explained. As a listener, you will find many mind-bending and drilling topics and see how people view different controversial topics. It is one of the podcasts behind some of the most horrific serial killer documentaries, such as The Green River Killer.

8. American Hysteria

The podcast dives into what makes most Americans tick. It fully looks at some aspects that make individuals have mass hysteria and what triggers paranoia. Some episodes are funny, while others take a serious stand.

9. Those Conspiracy Guys

It is a podcast that collides humor with history and conspiracy. Therefore, combining this with aliens, time travel, historical events, and cannibalism through all ages are connected to these conspiracy theories. With this podcast, there are different spooky symbols for many listeners.

10. I Love Conspiracy

The podcast deals with different theories of some things happening and things dealing with time travel. Although the hosts haven’t released new episodes in a few years, the previous episodes are still an ideal way to learn a few conspiracy theories.

11. Web Crawlers

Once you land on this podcast, there is no turning back. There are a lot of unsettling conspiracies from different sites on the websites. However, it also offers some creepy stories and interesting findings about life topics. The hosts have interesting chemistry, making you smile while listening to their conspiracy stories at any time.

12. Josh Monday Christian and Conspiracy Podcast

It is a podcast by two brothers who expose some evil things we all face. Most of the time, the hosts go through different aspects of the bible and decode them from their understanding. The podcast’s goal is to expose the evil that the world faces and educate people on some of the topics they aren’t too aware of regarding the controversies in the bible.

13. Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture

Isaac Weishaupt hosts the show; the podcast explores various topics, including secret societies, government cover-ups, and the hidden meanings behind popular media and entertainment. Isaac Weishaupt, also known as "IlluminatiWatcher," brings his perspective as a researcher and author to the podcast. He explores the connections between conspiracy theories, symbolism, and the entertainment industry, discussing how certain themes and ideas are often woven into movies, music, and television shows.

As a listener, you should expect to hear discussions about conspiracy theories such as the Illuminati, Freemasonry, mind control, and more. The podcast also delves into how these theories intersect with various aspects of popular culture, including movies, music videos, and celebrity personas.

14. The Scarecast

The Scarecast podcast is a popular horror-themed podcast hosted by a YouTuber named MaddMike. Each episode features creepy and disturbing true stories, urban legends, paranormal encounters, and other spine-chilling content. MaddMike narrates these stories dramatically and engagingly, often accompanied by eerie music and sound effects to enhance the listener's experience.

However, the podcast also covers a wide range of content on conspiracy theories, making it interesting to hear what is happening worldwide. The podcast has gained a large following due to its captivating storytelling style and ability to tap into the fascination with all things spooky and unsettling. Any listeners can tune in to The Scarecast to satisfy their cravings for scares and to hear about strange and unsettling events from around the world.

Don’t Know Which Conspiracy Podcasts Are Ideal For You? No Problem

If you’re new to the podcast world and trying to find ways to make your life interesting, conspiracy theory podcasts are always the first place to start. Podcasts open you to different ways of looking at life and questioning everything you know. However, it is also an ideal place to learn, grow, and understand some conspiracy theories that have been hitting the internet. Check us out today and see which other interesting podcast blog series might match your listening habits.

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