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12 Best Running Podcasts for Runners of All Levels

1 May 24

12 Best Running Podcasts for Runners of All Levels

Alyciah Beavers

Alyciah Beavers


Rev up your running game with our selection of the most entertaining running podcasts. Get ready for expert insights, tips, and a whole lot of running fun!

Podcasts can be a great way to stay motivated, learn new techniques, and gain insights into running. Everyone needs motivation when running to keep them going and energized. While some people choose to listen to audiobooks, others opt to listen to podcasts. Sometimes, you might find that audiobooks do not always keep you motivated to run since there are times you might not be in the mood for that. No matter how interesting this content gets, most people find it challenging to get the ideal podcast to listen to, with many podcast choices available.

Whether you are interested in finding running advice, getting some inspiration, or finding out how some of your favorite runners operate, there are a couple of great shows you can subscribe to at any time. We’ve rounded up some of the best running podcasts for everyone, no matter your running leave; therefore, keep reading to see what to listen to next.

1. The Running for Real Podcast

The host, Tina Muir, is an elite running from Britain and does not hesitate to get into some of the darkest perspectives about running. She represents different genders, races, and ages and offers information about all running levels, mainly focusing on running difficulties with different guests. Most people on the show are coaches, runners, medical providers, and scientists.

Muir does not shy away from sharing her struggles as a runner, thus offering the listeners a deeper and more personal connection, making the podcast relatable to many. Since the guests are from different countries and have been part of running in different communities, there is a lot to learn from this podcast.

2. Six Minute Mile Podcast

If you read the Six Minute Mile email newsletter, you will enjoy listening to their podcast. The host, David Lavalle, invites guests who are sometimes some of the best people in the running industry to learn more about the things affecting the sports industry and what’s trending. There will always be exceptional stories, ideas, and great deals for fitness and runners enthusiasts.

You will hear from runners, cross-fit professionals, mud racers, boot campers, cyclists, and more. Therefore, there is vast knowledge to learn from the team, which could improve your running abilities.

3. Marathon Training Academy

This podcast, hosted by Angie and Trevor Spencer, covers various aspects of marathon and distance running. The hosts started this show in 2010 to inspire individuals to lead healthy lives and achieve their fitness goals. The team offers training tips, interviews with experts, and stories from everyday runners.

Additionally, they feature the correct type of actionable training, which the hosts deliver quickly and easily. Approximately every episode reaches about 20,000 listens worldwide, with Angie and Trevor convincing you that you can change your life and run a marathon.

4. Tread Lightly Podcast

Are you searching for the right way to run smarter instead of harder? Then, this podcast is for you! The hosts have over 20 years of combined experience in coaching and debunking some of the myths and misconceptions about the sport. Through drawing personal experiences, the hosts offer their listeners practical experience on different aspects of running, including how to deal with injuries.

Furthermore, this podcast will teach you more about running supplements, different training methods, and more. The hosts use a casual conversational tone, making you feel like you are listening to some of your friends. Through tons of information and knowledge the hosts share on the podcast, you will get information on becoming a better runner.

5. The Rich Roll Podcast

While not exclusively about running, Rich Roll often features episodes with elite athletes and experts since it features nutritional content. These are people in the field of endurance sports, providing valuable insights and inspiration for runners. The podcast offers its listeners stories of heartbreak and triumphs that inspire, thus keeping you going even when the journey gets tough. Every episode provokes, inspires, and educates you, thus allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

6. Trail Runner Nation

If you're into trail running, this podcast is a must-listen. It features discussions on trial running techniques, gear, nutrition, and interviews with top trail runners. The hosts focus on real people doing incredible things and offer more about trail running. Some issues include mental health, trail running, and different pacing strategies.

7. Hit Play not Pause

The show mainly targets women past 50 struggling with everyday problems. It focuses on peri and post-menopause among athletes, and the hosts compare the available information with what scientists say. Listening to other athletes of all levels explaining one of the challenges they face in their 50s gives you hope to keep pushing.

If you are a performance-minded woman above 50 or approaching 50 and still want to lead an active life, this podcast will help! It goes past the stigma of what most women in their late 40s and 50s can do. Conversations about maintaining your fitness and harnessing your power while staying in shape exist.

8. Science of Ultra

If you're interested in the science behind ultra-distance running, this podcast hosted by Dr. Shawn Bearden delves into the physiology, nutrition, and psychology of endurance running. Dr. Shawn lets people understand how a human being can run 100 miles through experiments in the science of psychology.

The host is experienced in exercise physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, and sports psychology. Therefore, the podcast navigates the intricate intersections between the human body and the challenges of ultra-running, cycling, triathlons, and other extreme endurance endeavors. In deciphering the physiological adaptations, nutritional strategies, and mental resilience required for peak performance in these extraordinary feats, the podcast uncovers the hidden mechanisms that drive athletes to push their limits.

Whether exploring the nuances of energy metabolism during ultra-marathons or dissecting the impact of sleep on recovery in ultra-cycling races, this podcast is for you! It enriches enthusiasts and athletes alike with a profound understanding of the science underpinning human endurance at its most extraordinary.

9. Ali on the Run Show

Hosted by Ali Feller, this podcast features interviews with runners from all walks of life, discussing their running journeys, challenges, and triumphs. It has captivated audiences with its engaging and authentic content. With a focus on wellness, running, and personal growth, Ali brings her unique blend of humor, honesty, and reliability to each episode.

The show brings a wide range of guests, from professional athletes to everyday individuals, all of whom share their inspiring stories and insights. Ali's skillful interviewing style creates a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, allowing listeners to connect with the guests on a deeper level. It suits seasoned runners and those seeking motivation for their journey. The Ali on the Run Show offers a dynamic and uplifting listening experience that motivates and connects you.

10. C Tolle Run

Olympian Carrie Tollefson hosts this podcast, sharing her experiences and interviewing elite athletes, coaches, and everyday runners about their running stories. She is an elite middle-distance runner known for asking her guests some of the most severe and challenging questions about running. It offers a vibrant blend of inspiration, guidance, and community for individuals of all fitness levels. Through her website, social media channels, and video content, Carrie passionately shares her own running journey, training tips, and motivational insights.

With a genuine and relatable approach, she has created a welcoming space where runners and fitness enthusiasts can find valuable information, connect with like-minded individuals, and cultivate their love for running. C Tolle Run is a valuable resource for training techniques and race strategies. It is a source of empowerment and encouragement, fostering a sense of unity among those who share a passion for hitting the pavement and reaching their athletic goals.

11. I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein

Lindsey Hein chats with various runners, from elites to everyday athletes, exploring their training routines, racing experiences, and personal stories. The podcast goes beyond the surface, offering listeners an intimate look into her guests' journeys, triumphs, and challenges.

The host uses a warm and engaging interviewing style and skillfully navigates through various topics, from sports and wellness to personal growth and achievements. Each episode feels like a genuine conversation among people you know, creating a connection that resonates with audiences. It is not just a podcast; it's a platform for inspiration, authenticity, and celebrating human experiences.

12. On Coaching with Magness and Marcus

The podcast is a captivating and insightful platform that enters the multifaceted world of sports coaching and performance enhancement. It is hosted by Steve Magness and Jon Marcus, acclaimed coaches in their own right; the podcast explores training methodologies, sports science, athlete psychology, and the art of effective coaching.

The listeners are treated to thought-provoking discussions that reduce the gap between the theory aspect and the practical application, where the hosts draw from their extensive experience. The podcast provides valuable takeaways for coaches, athletes, and anyone passionate about the dynamics of human performance.

What’s the Takeaway?

When searching for a running podcast, personal preferences vary. Therefore, explore these podcasts to find the ones that resonate most with you and your running goals. After having enough conversations from our list, you can also check out some of the best-running podcasts here to keep expanding your content. You might get inspired to start your podcast on your running experience. You never know! We will be here to take you through this journey.

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